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The 2011 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R was dragged out to pose
for yet another round of photos prior to its official unveiling. This
time, we've got video too. Actually two videos. One recording an engine
start and one as Tom Sykes winds the engine up pulling out of the pits.
Does it sound like this engine uses any funny firing orders or
crossplane crankshaft technology to you or is it just the race exhaust?

Kawasaki's still keeping mum on details, but they did say:

The Next Ninja features machine control systems based on MotoGP technology.

The Next Ninja's engine is completely new: the shaft arrangement was revised and the centre of gravity is higher.

Neither one of those tidbits actually gives us much information. It seems logical to assume the MotoGP-derived "machine control systems" could mean traction control, something further backed up by the funny plumbing around the rear brake seen in earlier spy photos.

More enigmatic is the "shaft arrangement" and higher center of gravity. Is that the crankshaft or the gearbox shaft? That could mean a crossplane crankshaft similar to the 2009 Yamaha R1's or a 90° cylinder. But all the earlier spy photos don't seem to indicate the presence of the latter.
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