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We don’t really know what to say at this point. According to some, we’re the bad guys, picking up embargo-broken material when it’s published. Us? We’re just trying to serve our readers without screwing over Kawasaki. You guessed it, a whole bunch o’ 2011 Kawasaki Z1000S photos have leaked and we’re not hesitating to bring that leaked material to you. You can thank us for our tireless pursuit of practical liter bike pictures later, for now, look at these photos and imagine a power wheelie occurring in complete comfort.

Update: full details.

Here's the deal: we just got home from a party at the Classic Car Club in which we imbibed a little much in the way of spirits and had a very long and meaningful conversation about the role of speed metal in the future of Hell For Leather. Also, if you have long hair, Vaseline is  totally the answer to your frizz problem; the trick is to use the smallest possible amount that will just wet your hands. And no, it's totally not gay that you want to feel my hair. So, instead of rehashing details of the Z1000S, you can read our previous article here and read a Google translation of, who have published these press shots, here. And yeah, we already have all these photos and info, but we're trying to play nice with Kawasaki so we can bring you better stories on their bikes in the future. It's a compromise made in your interest.

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