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Last week, we exclusively leaked the entire 2011 KTM model range, including the 2011 KTM RC8 R. Now we have more pictures of the updated superbike. While there are some minor mechanical changes intended to make the now more powerful RC8 easier to ride, the big changes here are the striking new graphics and these gorgeous new LED running lights.

Update: video!

Update 2: 44 high-res action photos added to the gallery below.

Photos: Schedi, R. / Erimoser, Marcus

A new crankshaft, refined fuel injection and new dual-plug ignition increases power from 168 to 175bhp and torque is up 1.5lb/ft to 93.6. That crank, the injection refinements and a new, heavier flywheel should address the main complaint people have of the RC8: an aggressive surge of power as it comes on-cam. When you’re fully leant over and that happens it can upset things. It’s not a huge deal, but people do bitch about it; hopefully no longer. KTM claims these changes also marginally improve fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

On the handling side, KTM claims its thoroughly revised the suspension giving it a wider range of adjustment than before. These changes include a new eccentric linkage for the rear shock.

Then there’s the looks. KTM clearly employs the best graphic designer currently working for any OEM. Loud, but classy, the two-color paint schemes perfectly accent the RC8’s sharp, geometric lines.

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