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Exclusive to Hell For Leather, this professional photo shoot reveals the 2011 MotoCzysz E1pc in its full glory. Much more than an update on last year’s bike, this year sees the usual less weight and more power, but also dramatic packaging differences. The frame moves outboard of the battery packs and changes from aluminum to carbon fiber while the suspension moves inboard, under the tank for both front and rear. Making 200bhp and weighing less than 500lbs, Michael Rutter is expected to shatter the 100mph average lap barrier for the TT Zero race on Wednesday, 8 June.

Photos: Amadeus Photography

MotoCzysz assembled the battery packs from cells provided by Dow Kokam. LED indicator lights communicate charge levels and the health of the individual cells. Check out how massive that bespoke carbon frame is, it has to both support the battery packs and connect the steering head to the swingarm pivot.

The shocks are hidden under that "fuel tank" and are connected to the forks and swingarm via mechanical linkages. This helps maximize space for the huge battery packs, which create a major packaging challenge. Click here for pictures with the "tank" cover off and an explanation of how that suspension works.

That carbon linkage connects the swingarm to the shock mounted under the "tank." The liquid-cooled motor resides inside and under that massive aluminum swingarm. Note that the battery packs take up virtually the entire available width of the motorcycle.

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