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Ahhhh! Don’t be frightened, that’s not a big spider, it’s just the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple, leaking here the night before its official unveiling. Aside from the new headlights what’s the big news? Well, it’s lost 5lbs and gained 7bhp and 6lb/ft. That weight has been lost thanks to an all-new aluminum chassis that also shift the riding position a tad forwards; Triumph’s claiming improved handling. ABS is now optional as well.

The 2011 Speed Triple now makes 135bhp of smooth, effortless power at 9,400rpm and 82lb/ft of torque at 7,750rpm. Weight is now 214kg/472 (wet). Compare those figures to 128bhp at 9,250rpm,  76lb/ft at 7,550rpm and 217kg/477lbs for the outgoing model. That’s a fairly unimpressive improvement given the all-new frame, so let’s reserve judgement until we can compare apples to apples, the new weight might be with a full tank of fuel while the old one is listed without.

1kg/2.2lbs has allegedly been shed by each wheel, reducing unsprung weight and the new 43mm USD forks are fully adjustable.

There's also new clocks, which can be seen in the leaked accessory photos.

Regardless of precise mechanical spec, the biggest changes here are the new looks and the addition of optional ABS, likely to prove popular with people who see the Triple as a practical sportsbike and use their bikes for commuting as well as recreation. We’ll bring you more details tomorrow.

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