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The biggest problem with the current Sprint ST? A fashionable underseat exhaust that eliminates storage space and cooks the rider's balls. Well, that and the vague front end. Looks like the 2011 Triumph Sprint ST cures the first problem with a low-slung exhaust clearing space not only under the seat but also for larger panniers. Awesome. You can check one bike off the list of seven Triumph says it'll unveil by the end of 2012.

Our sources say we can also look forward to, "a GS competitor but with a
smaller engine displacement. The Trophy is also coming back, but in a
new version. And last they are going to do a super sport of some kind."
That gives us four out of the seven, leaving three surprises.

MCN says to expect the new Sprint to have a  lower subframe to increase
pillion comfort, that it'll maintain the 1050cc triple and the chain
drive, despite rumors of a shaft that can likely be attributed to that
new Trophy.

via MCN

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