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Love the 2011 Triumph Sprint GT's less Fisher-Price looking headlights, but don't fancy the side-mount exhaust and standard panniers? You're in luck, because the 2011 Triumph Sprint ST is identical to the GT, but retains its three-exit underseat exhaust and lacks luggage. Hooray!

Update: official word is that the '11 ST won't be coming stateside. The GT, however, arrives in dealers in September.

The ST also gains the GT's new ECU, which means 128bhp and 80lb/ft of
torque instead of the old model's 123bhp, 76lb/ft numbers. Suspension is
also brought in line with the GT: rake has been reduced by half a
degree to 23.5°; trail reduced by 6mm to 84mm and wheelbase increased by
80mm to 1537mm. Wet weight unfortunately increases as well, up from
241kg/530lbs to 268kg/590lbs.

New clocks apparently include fuel consumption, miles-to-empty, journey
time, average speed and clock functions.

While it makes sense to bring the ST inline with the GTs new styling and
power, we're a little disappointed with the increase in wheelbase and
weight, both seem like unnecessary limitations on the ST's performance
and point to cost-saving on Triumphs part. The decision to standardize
the ST and GT will cut production costs, but an opportunity has been
lost to differentiate the functionality of the two models, with the GT
adopting two-up, long distance touring duties, the ST could have become
more of a comfortable sports bike, judging by the specs, it hasn't. But
hey, the ST is £1,000 cheaper than the GT in England, US prices haven't
yet been announced.

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