Custom: Honda CBR1800RR


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We were stunned by Cedric Smith's Gold Wing based CBR1800RR when we saw it back on The Kneeslider back in September. Now, we finally have some quality images.

The bike was built from a totaled 2010 Honda Gold Wing with a CBR subframe added to it, a GSX-R front end and CBR Repsol fairings.

Cedric Smith, the creator of this motorcycle, is a service technician at Everett Powersports in Washington state. He's also customized a Honda RS125GP racer to accept a CRF450 engine and used a TL1000 engine to build a custom flat tracker.

The CBR1800RR is currently sitting in the Everett Powersports showroom and you can check it out for yourself. It reportedly rides like a CBR sportbike, yet its bit smoother with that longer wheelbase.

Those claims aren't totally without merit either. Like the CBR1000RR, the Gold Wing is equipped with a "Pro-Link" linkage monoshock and is, even in stock 904lbs form, capable of a surprising turn of speed down a twisty road. Here fitted with steeper front suspension angles, better brakes and more ground clearance, we bet this thing is actually surprisingly good.

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