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Honda UK just announced that last year’s Honda Crosstourer concept will be unveiled in production form at EICMA next month. The “adventure sports tourer” uses the same 1,200cc V4, aluminum beam frame and optional DCT transmission as the VFR1200, adding a more upright riding position, better weather protection and de rigeur tall suspension.

“The Crosstourer offers a high-level fusion of vibrant off-road styling, upright riding position, V engine power and Dual Clutch Transmission that offers more direct power transmission and easy operation,” says project leader Yosuke Hasegawa. “We are convinced that we have successfully brought out new value in what can be termed the true crossover concept.”

It’s refreshing to see Hasegawa tacitly acknowledge that the Crosstourer isn’t really targeted at dirt or adventure riding, but is rather more of a dedicated on-road tourer, just one with a very upright riding position and the excellent vision and command presence it brings.

These images are of last year's concept, but don't expect the production version to look much different.

At 591lbs, the VFR1200 platform should be much better suited to its new role as a big tourer than it was a sports tourer. Comfort is a problem on the lower bike, something that should be fixed by the much taller, wider handlebars. Lackluster performance should also be less apparent on something a little less sports-oriented.

This spy photo from German magazine Motorrad, of the production-spec bike, shows a bike that looks nearly identical to the concept, with the addition of USD forks

EICMA is coming up on November 7 and 8, we’ll be providing full coverage, as always.

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