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This is the new Kawasaki Ninja 250. It’s the same as the old Kawasaki Ninja 250R, minus the R. It does have new colors (red and the special edition black/gold), but the North American market bike is still saddled with carbs over the rest-of-world fuel-injection. That means it’ll still be difficult to start and run poorly when cold. The big change? The price has increased from $3,999 to $4,199. $4,449 if you’re a John Player Special kinda guy. That might not sound like a huge deal, but the brand-new Honda CBR250R has just gone on sale for $3,999. In the budget market, that $200 difference could actually influence a few sales. Blame a fluctuating Yen and supply difficulties post earthquake for the increase.

Update: answers from Kawasaki on the reason for the price increase and lack of fuel injection. High-res images of the red model included in the gallery.

WHY THE PRICE INCREASE FOR 2012? "Aside from some basic supply and demand considerations, currency exchange rates played the major role in setting the 2012 price for the Ninja 250.”

WHY DOES AMERICA STILL GET CARBS? "Because it adds approximately $500 for the fuel-injected version. That would place the 2012 price near $4,700 which we feel is probably too high for the marketplace."

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