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Bike Gear For The Motorcyclist On Your List


Ruby Munich 90 Collection Helmets

While we find all motorcycle gear cool, nothing screams “display me on a pedestal for all to see” like a Ruby helmet. Sure, they fit a bit funny and they cost way too much, but oh the beauty. This special line ups the ante tremendously and we’d probably pull the flat screen off the wall to put the “R80 GS” edition in its place. If you have the cash, this collector’s item is well worth its premium price tag. Price: $980-$1450

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Ducati Urban Leather Jacket

We love Ducati quality, but it’s the over-branding that sometimes throws us off. The Ducati Urban Leather jacket has less branding than most jackets by Dainese or Alpinestars, while retaining Ducati’s high-quality. At $569, it isn’t more expensive than those name brands either, which means if you’re intended gift is for someone riding around on a Sport, GT 1000 or a Monster, this is the jacket for them. Price: $569

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Aerostich Roadcrafter One Piece Suit

A Roadcrafter one-piece suit is one of the best pieces of gear you could ever own or give as a gift. Whether it is worn over a shirt and tie to work, or touring through terrible weather, or even on an off-road adventure; it’s always the perfect item for the job. Waterproof, weatherproof, and about as close to crash proof as gear has evolved, it’s a bucket list item for any motorcyclists gear closet. Price: $747-$997

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Ducati Performance Undershirt

Performance undershirts make everything better (I'm actually wearing one now as I write this). The compression increases bloodflow, the material wicks sweat away, and they create a nice layer between your skin and motorcycle leathers. They also make putting on a leather jacket easier as your skin doesn’t stick to the inside and you don’t have to un-bunched your shirt under the arms every time you put it on. We wear them anytime we’re off-road, on the track, or in the canyons. If we were Ducati owners, this is the one we’d be wearing. Price: $79

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Kriega Spare Straps

If the motorcyclist on your list already uses the Kriega system, they’ll be sure to appreciate some extra straps. Straps are like socks in that we always find a way to come home with one or two less than we left with, so a bag of spares always comes in handy. Price: $5-$35

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Aerostich Competition Silk Scarf

Ok, so suggesting a silk scarf may not seem very manly but the Aerostich Silk scarf will keep a motorcyclists neck warm in the coldest of temperatures, and can be wet down to help keep them cool when it’s hot out. Get it in white and it will develop a nice coloring with use, displaying the extent of their adventures over time. Price: $32

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Xena XX15 Disc Lock

The need to keep your bike safe when you aren’t on it and the usefulness of a disc lock is paramount. The Xena XX15 is the latest and greatest, allowing motorcyclists to attach it to either the disc or to a chain. They’ve upgraded the sensors so it can do a better job discerning between thief and gust of wind too. Price: $81.43

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Kriega R20 Motorcycle Backpack

Kriega makes the best motorcycle-specific backpacks, period. The R20 is probably the best introduction to the Kriega system; you get all the benefit from the Quadloc harness system and can add US-5 or US-10 waterproof packs, while it’s also small enough for day-to-day use. The fact that it’s $60 less than the R25 and $100 less than the R30 doesn’t hurt either, but we have to warn you that once a motorcyclist starts, it’s hard to stop with just one piece from the Kriega collection. Price: $129

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Howard Leight Max Lite Ear Plugs (200 pk)

We ride with ear Howard Leight Max lite ear plugs every single day. One set usually lasts about a week, which means this huge box lasts well over a year. The sound inside a helmet reaches up into the 90-100 decibel range on most helmets and, even though motorcyclists get used to it, they shouldn’t. These ear plugs are comfortable for hours and do a brilliant job at keeping the roar of the road dull while not blocking out sounds motorcyclists need to hear. Price: $22.12

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Butler Maps

Butler Maps were created for motorcyclists, by motorcyclists, to help them find the best roads and stops on any adventure. They’re the ultimate resource for finding the best café, best camping spot, or best windy road along any path. All riders will love finding these in their stocking. Price: $14.95-$209

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Kriega Dry Packs

The uses for Kriega Dry packs are literally endless. We fill a US-10 with a tire patch kit, fix-a-flat, protein bars, and a first aid kit anytime we go sport riding or with tools and a spare tube when off-road. We use them for gear on adventure rides or clothes on long touring rides, we’ve even used them to hold a sleeping bag when we go camping. You can strap them to your bike, or to a Kriega backpack, making them useful for any setting. Price: $49-$445

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