2013 Holiday Shopping Guide – For Motorcycle Enthusiasts


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Tech Gifts For The Motorcyclist On Your List


iPad Mini Retina

Tablets are incredibly useful, even to manly motorcyclists. Whether they take it with them touring to use the map and Yelp features, take it camping so they can read when parked for the night, or just use it to read the latest articles on RideApart; these are super handy to have. Price: Starts at $399

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Sony NEX-3N

So much about motorcycling is visual that we always find ourselves stopping to try and capture the moment through photography. The cameras on phones are getting better but if you’re going to create truly amazing pictures, the kind you could blow up and put on your wall or have framed, you need a real camera. The Sony NEX-3N is the perfect step between those crummy little point and shoots and a real DSLR. It has many of the same components as cameras that are twice as expensive. Price: $399.99

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Sony NEX-6

Looking for a nicer camera than the one above? The Sony NEX-6 was rated the best camera under $1,000 by our friends at www.TheWirecutter.com. Price: $798

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Satechi Energy Station 1000

If you’ve been reading for longer than a week or two, you know our love of adventure. A battery pack means a motorcyclist can listen to tunes or audiobooks on the ride out, knowing they’ll be able to recharge their phone, camera, or Bluetooth headset for photos and more during their adventures or for the ride home. The Satechi is cheaper than the Mophie Powerstation we own, while also having a 40% larger capacity. Price: $57.95

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Accell Travel Surge Protector

This may seem like overkill but, when we travel, we usually have a host of electronics that need powering. Many motel and hotel rooms have surprisingly scarce outlets, and this Accell Travel Surge Protector is a cheap and small fix. It turns one outlet into three, with two additional USB outlets. Price: $15.99

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Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Is the motorcyclist on your list wishing they could take some jams to improve their #campvibes or a beach day? Or maybe they just want to have some music out back while in the garage when wrenching on their bike? Either way, The Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speakers sound amazing, are water resistant, and will play music from a cell phone even if it’s up to 50 feet away. Want stereo sound? Buy two. Price: $179.99

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GoPro HERO3+: Black Edition

The GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition is the best action sports camera in the Universe. It has 33% better image stabilization and sharpness over the previous models, built in wifi for use with the wifi remote, a 30% longer lasting battery, and “Super View” mode to make sure all of the adventure makes it into the shot. Price: $399.99

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