2013 Holiday Shopping Guide – For Motorcycle Enthusiasts


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Outdoor & Camping Gifts For The Motorcyclist On Your List


Hydroflask 64oz. Beer Growler

Alcohol and motorcycles don’t mix. Alcohol and motorcycle trips, on the other hand, mix quite nicely. The Hydroflask can keep 64 ounces of beer cold for up to 24 hours, which is plenty of time for someone to ride to the most remote place they can find and set up their gear before cracking it open. Price: $49.99

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Aether Space Hoodie

Every person we know who owns one of these swears it’s the best thing they’ve ever had. It’ll keep a motorcyclist warm when needed, will pack down tiny when stowed, and will look cool in pretty much any setting. The Space Hoodie was Aether’s pioneer products and most anything from their brand will be gladly received. Price: $265

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Therm-A-Rest Compressible Pillow

It packs down to the size of a burrito, but fluffs up plenty large to make a traveling motorcyclist forget they’re sleeping on the ground. One of the best purchases we’ve made this year. Price: $12.98-$83.02

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Eagles Nest Outfitter SingleNest Hammock

Camping hammocks can take the place of a camping chair or tent, depending on how far you want to take it, and they pack far smaller than either. The Eagles Nest Outfitters Singlenest is super easy to set up, is decent quality (how much abuse does a hammock really need to take), and is perfect for those afternoon naps in the woods. Price: $54.95

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Alite Designs Monarch Chair

One of our favorite parts about camping is sitting around the fire at night, sharing stories from the day or planning the next days adventures. Most camping chairs are both uncomfortable and large, which makes bringing them prohibitive on a motorcycle. The Alite packs down super small as it only has two points of contact with the ground, requiring the sitter to use their own legs to balance it (which also helps give it its nice relaxed seating position). Price: $53.98

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Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System

The Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System is a favorite piece of camping equipment to all who own it. On a recent trip to Yosemite we cooked sausages over the flame of the jetboil for breakfast, cooked beans inside of it for dinner, and then used the Jetboil to heat water to wash the dishes. The gas cartridges and frame all pack nicely into the canister as well, making it easy to transport. Price: $72.46

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Poler Wunder Bundler

The Poler Wunder Bundler is aptly named, as it serves a wide variety of purposes. Need to keep drinks cold or a burrito warm? What about a reflector to help attract attention in an emergency? What about a mat to change your shoes on after surfing? The Wundler Bundler does the job for all of the above for less than a night at the movies. Price: $25

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4Sevens Quark QP2A Flashlight

We never leave for any kind of trip without a good knife and a flashlight. 4Sevens make incredibly high-quality lights, and the Quark QP2A is one of the most powerful flashlights they offer that’s powered by AA batteries (fancy flashlights use fancy batteries). The QP2A, on its highest setting produces 280 lumens and will last for almost an hour. On it’s lowest setting, 0.3 lumens (for things like reading) it will last up to 15 days. For $58, its all the flashlight you could ever need. Price: $58

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See See Motorcycle Camp Kit

A See See beanie, Coffin tool roll, wool blanket with a Coffin blanket roll belt, and Poler one-man tent all rolled up into one nice bundle. If you’re shopping for a tent as a gift, this is an awesome deal, and it includes some incredibly nice components. Price: $350

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