The current F4 has always been an extremely fast motorcycle, but over the last couple of years its sat on the sidelines, watching as rivals like the RSV4 and 1199 have benefited from extremely capable electronic rider aids. Sure, it already had traction control, but it was previous generation, safety-not-speed style. For 2013, MV Agusta is fixing that, adding the entire MVICS package of ride-by-wire throttle and advanced TC while also upgrading the suspension and other components. Oh, and sexy new wheels and exhaust too.

Upgrades to the 2013 MV Agusta F4 listed in this video (there's official pics, but not specs yet) include: LED running lights, new taillights, electronically-adjustable Ohlins NIX forks, Brembo GP radial calipers, electronically adjustable Ohlins shock (not a fancy twin-tube TTX36 though), Ti connecting rods and a new "redesigned" crankshaft, the full MVICs electronics package used on the F3 and Brutale 675, which means variable length intakes, ride-by-wire throttle, a lean angle sensor, user adjustable engine maps (power, torque, engine braking, max RPM, throttle sensitivity) and there's also upgraded componentry like Brembo master cylinders for the clutch and front brake and really, really clever adjustable footpegs that rotate to change position rather than just bolt in different holes. Lightweight forged aluminum wheels and a revised exhaust should shed some weight.

All in, those aren't huge changes. The traction control should now help make riders faster rather than simply serve as a safety net (think smooth, controlled slides) and the electronic suspension adjustment will work like that of the Panigale, enabling quick and easy adjustments as you transition between different types of riding. The con rods and crank likely mean a little more power and all the suspension and brake upgrades will aid both feel and outright ability.

MV Agusta F4: again as good as anything else Italy's putting out.

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