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We all know jeans are a lousy choice when riding a motorcycle. Why bother including jeans in this list you ask? Well, like it or not, jeans go hand in hand with a retro aesthetic and now they are a whole lot safer.

Deth Killers Style 105
Deth Killers Style 105

1. Deth Killers Style 105

The Deth Killers Style 105 is a straight-legged jean woven with Kevlar. It is abrasion and heat resistant, which, in theory, should help prevent road rash during an accident.

What It Sets Out To Do: A common problem with abrasion resistant jeans is that they are weird looking compared to traditional jeans like Levis. The 105s are classically styled and afford more protection to the wearer than traditionally crafted denim.

Modern Innovations:  Woven with 16% Kevlar, these jeans are abrasion and heat resistant and can protect from road rash in accidents up to 70 mph (as claimed on the Deth Killers website).

Price: $250.00


When you go down, your hands are often the first things that hit the ground. Palm protection is something you want to pay attention to as well as the overall durability of the glove material.

Icon 1000 Beltway Gloves
Icon 1000 Beltway Gloves

1. Icon 1000 Beltway Gloves

Beltway gloves are understated and afford overall protection for your hands while maintaining a simple, classic look.

What They Set Out To Do: These gloves provide you with the protection your hands need without drawing any unnecessary attention. You’ll be protected without looking like a robot.

Modern Innovation: While they may have an unassuming look, the Beltway has D30 armor in its knuckles, abrasion resistant premium cowhide and a pre-curved finger and palm design.

Price: $130.00

Iron & Resin Buffalo Bobber Glove
Iron & Resin Buffalo Bobber Glove

2. Iron & Resin Buffalo Bobber Glove

Iron and Resin is a small goods company based in Ventura, CA. Their Buffalo Bobber gloves are a no frills riding glove made out of bison hide.

What They Set Out To Do: The Bobber gloves are about as straight forward as you can get. Heavy duty bison hide provides abrasion resistance while keeping your hands reasonably warm.

Modern Innovation: No frills safety.


Stylmartin Indian Boots
Stylmartin Indian Boots

1. Stylmartin Indian Boots

Italian footwear company Sylmartin combined classic styling and modern protection in their Indian lace-up boot. A versatile boot that is great for riding and casual everyday use.

What They Set Out To Do: These are motorcycle boots that do not look like motorcycle boots. Don’t let your eyes deceive you, these bad boys come with all the features you need.

Modern Innovation:  Indian Boots come equipped with anti-slip rubber soles, a breathable and waterproof membrane, internal side protection and a fast lace system.

Price: $295.00

Aerostich Combat Touring Boots
Aerostich Combat Touring Boots

2. Aerostich Combat Touring Boots

As you can probably tell from our overwhelmingly positive review, the Aerostich Combat Touring Boots are definitely worth checking out. These elegant and seemingly simple boots can take whatever you throw at them.

What They Set Out To Do: These versatile boots are tough as nails. Aesthetically they aim to keep it simple while making sure you have the best foot protection and support money can buy.

Modern Innovation: The Combat Touring Boots include a replaceable sole by Sidi, an old-fashioned lace up system with micro adjustable arch buckle, and are completely waterproof.

Price: $367.00

Boots Primer:
When choosing a new pair of boots pay attention to the sturdiness of their construction, the quality of the material and the level of support they provide.

For more on choose the right boot check out How To Choose The Right All-Around Motorcycle Boots.

What new retro gear introduced in 2013 caught your eye? Is there any gear you are particularly looking forward to in 2014?

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