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Leaked pictures surfaced a few weeks ago of the new 2014 BMW R nineT and the official news of this new bike has just been released by BMW. This new roadster was created to mark BMW’s “90 years of BMW Motorrad” and we think she’s a beaut.

2014 BMW R nineT

They went retro with the 2014 BMW R nineT, using a classically-styled flat twin boxer engine like legendary BMW R 32 from 1923 that began this whole genre. BMW is also tapping into the “café” culture with the bike’s aesthetics while also offering a ton of aftermarket customization.

2014 BMW R nineT display.

What We Know Right Now:
- 1170cc air/oil cooled flat twin boxer producing 110 hp at 7750RPM and 88 lbs.-ft. of torque at 6000RPM
- Exhaust system features two silencers on the left with multiple options for customization
- Tubular steel spaceframe incorporates the engine as a load bearing element
- Removable pillion frame allows the nineT to carry a passenger or be set up for just a solo rider
- Borrows telescopic forks from the BMW S1000RR
- Single sided swingarm in the back with a central sprung strut
- Wire-spoke wheels with black anodized alloy, non-flanged rims
- Braking system composed of radial 4-piston monoblock brake calipers with floating 320 millimeter brake discs and ABS
- The 4.75 gal fuel tank is hand painted and coated

Aluminum tail-hump cover.

The nineT is officially launching soon at a BMW event in Munich. Expect to also see it at the U.K.'s MotorcycleLive show in November.

More details to come.

2014 BMW R nineT

2014 BMW R nineT with aluminum seat-hump cover.

2014 BMW R nineT front suspension and brake detail.

2014 BMW R nineT

2014 BMW R nineT

2014 BMW R nineT

The 2014 BMW R nineT in standard configuration.

Solo-rider configuration with aluminum tail hump and LED turn indicators.

Super stub seat - really hoping this is an aftermarket option and not custom.

Carbon front-wheel cover, tank bag, custom seat, Akropovic sport silencer, rear softbag.

High Akropovic sport silencer.

Carbon front-wheel cover.

The 2014 BMW R nineT

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