2014 Honda FourTrax Foreman 4x4 ATV Review


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2014 Honda Foreman
Push the red button to engage the 2014 Honda Foreman's four-wheel drive. Flip the switch to lock the diff.

What's Good
New styling conveys purpose without skewing over-aggressive.

Honda "Phantom" Camo looks and works good, setting the Honda apart from licensed color schemes.

Push-button 4x4 and diff lock is easy, quick and seamless, working on the fly to deliver added traction.

Front disc brakes are powerful and deliver a good feel.

Center running light is switchable, putting light where you need it, when you need it.

Seat is all-day comfortable.

Digital clocks are clear and well-placed in your peripheral vision.

Front nerf bar wraps the entire front end and headlights, providing comprehensive protection.

New, 10.5-foot turning radius is impressively tight.

2014 Honda Foreman
Honda's new, photorealistic "Phantom" camo lends the Foreman 3D deception.

What's Bad
Cable-actuated rear brakes are weak, barely able to hold the Foreman on a steep hill.

Manual shift delivers clunky downshifts.

Reverse can be hard to select, requiring both hands and a foot.

The Price
The Foreman starts at $7,099. Electric shifting takes that up to $7,349, power steering costs $7,799 and having both will take that too $8,049. That's a considerable premium over the 420cc, $5,199 Honda Rancher, but the Foreman adds size, power and standard 4x4.

2014 Honda Foreman
The 2014 Honda Foreman is fun, as well as useful.

The Verdict
Whether you're hauling stumps, herding sheep, hunting pigs or just enjoying the ride, the new Foreman will be a more comfortable, more capable vehicle than before. Whether this size ATV suits your specific needs depends on how much you need to haul and what you plan on doing with it. It's large enough to carry a full-grown wild pig on the load rack, powerful enough to push a snow plow, will go absolutely anywhere and is both comfortable and fun to ride.

RideApart Rating: 8/10

Helmet: AGV AX-8 Dual ($420, Highly Recommended)
Jacket: Alpinestars Lance 3L ($400, Highly Recommended)
Gloves: Racer Mickey ($116, Highly Recommended)

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