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In a study conducted by Consumer Reports, 25 percent of American bike-riding respondents said that they sometimes rode in shorts. In general, the survey results indicate a very low rate of usage for basic safety gear like helmets, gloves, boots and jackets and similar results for formal training, yet a very high number of respondents that consider themselves expert riders.

The survey results indicate that respondents have the following

10%: have been in an accident in the last five years

10%: always wear high-vis clothing

10%: always wear protective pants

25%: don't always wear a helmet

25%: always wear a protective jacket

25%: sometimes ride in shorts

25%: of accidents involved broken bones

33%: of accidents result in road rash

50%: have taken a formal riding course

50%: of accidents were single vehicle

50%: don't regularly wear boots

50%: don't regularly wear gloves

60%: sometimes ride in a short-sleeve shirt

70%: consider themselves "experienced" riders

To conduct the study, Consumer Reports polled 1,383 of its bike-riding
subscribers. No particular make or model of bike is represented, just
general riders.

Consumer Reports

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