The 5 Biggest Bummers of 2013 EICMA


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Bummer #2:

2014 Brough Superior SS100
2014 Brough Superior SS100

Bike Name: 2014 Brough Superior SS100
What They Did: Bought a brand name then made a ridiculously expensive bike that kinda/sorta looks like the original.
Why They Did It: Rose-tinted, period correct aviator goggles?
What Would Have Made It Good: In 1924, the SS100 was the fastest, most well-engineered bike you could buy. That's what made it a legend. In 2014, the SS100 is a ridiculously expensive exercise in attempting to manufacture a collector's item. See the disparity?

#1 - The Biggest 2013 EICMA Bummer Of All:

2014 Harley-Davidson Street 750
2014 Harley-Davidson Street 750

Bike Name: 2014 Harley-Davidson Street 750 and 500
What They Did: Designed a Harley for developing markets not by analyzing the needs of riders in those markets, but by taking the H-D archetype and cutting all costs. Check out this picture snapped in Milan of the Street's shift linkage by
Why They Did It: Arrogance.
What Would Have Made It Good: As one of the most recognizable brands in the world, Harley has an amazing opportunity to reinvent the motorcycle's place in modern culture. Not just in America, but everywhere else in the world too. Take its brand values — rebellion, tactile quality, taking charge of your own life — and apply them to a wholly new motorcycle that could give people unique, must-have value. I think you'll find that doing so would result in the total opposite of the bikes they actually made.

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