5 Quietest Motorcycle Helmets


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Wind noise inside a motorcycle helmet can reach 115 dB or more at highway speeds. Hearing loss can be caused by sounds of just 85 dB or more, so this is a huge problem. Here’s how to fix it with the 5 quietest motorcycle helmets available.

What Makes A Helmet Quiet

Aerodynamics. The easier a helmet slips through the wind, the quieter it will be. Some of the quietest helmets on the market (and the only manufacturer that lists dB figures) are made by Schuberth. They are also the only helmet manufacturer with a wind tunnel in its headquarters. Shoei is probably in second place when it comes to quiet helmets, that company is also heavily reliant on wind tunnel testing, even designing its own rig to move a helmet side-to-side and up and down in the tunnel to accurately recreate real world riding conditions.

Helmet aerodynamics

Specifically, it’s turbulence that creates noise. That turbulence can be caused by an anything that disrupts the wind flow. Gap in your visor seal? Huge external vents? Air getting caught under your chin? That’s how a helmet gets noisy. It’s also how you make a helmet quiet, by starting with a shape that allows the air to smoothly reconnect behind the helmet, and eliminating those trouble spots. If you want a quiet helmet, look for a clean, smooth aerodynamic shape free of external vents and wings and which features a quality, adjustable visor seal and closes tightly around your neck.

How Do You Make A Helmet Quiet?

Earplugs. If you don’t ride with them now, start doing so. Wind noise induced hearing loss is a real thing (I suffer from it) and sitting in such a high decibel environment for extended periods exacerbates fatigue. RideApart highly recommends Howard Leight Max Lite earplugs. Buy a box of 200 and stash extra pairs in all your pockets.

Helmet wind blocker
Wind blocking sleve

Going further, a chin curtain helps, as does a good visor seal. The screws which mount your visor base plate can often be adjusted to find a perfect fit and the Shoei RF1200 innovates with a novel visor location adjustment, enabling you to quickly and easily get a perfect seal. It’s also worth considering a neoprene wind-blocking sleeve which seals the gap between helmet and neck both reduces noise and keeps errant detritus out of your face.

Of all the major helmet makers, only Schuberth lists how loud its helmets are. RideApart’s own wind tunnel is beset by construction delays, so lacking any repeatable, non-variably-polluted objective test method, we’re going to have to bring you anecdotal reporting. These are the five helmets that, in decades of cumulative riding careers, the RideApart staffers report are the quietest currently available.

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