5 Quietest Motorcycle Helmets

Shoei RF1200 Shoei RF1200

Shoei RF1200

In designing the RF1200, Shoei set out to minimize the size of its shell, smooth its aerodynamics and ventilation and created that novel visor seal adjustment. All of that paid off in an exceptionally stable, quiet helmet. So quiet, in fact, that if you are riding with the vents closed, you can hear the increase in turbulence as you open each individual vent. That’s a good thing, they flow a ton of air. Fit the included chin curtain, ratchet the visor tight and you’re good to go for hours on end.

Arai Signet Q Arai Signet Q

Arai Signet Q

Arai’s been talking up its exceptionally round external helmet shapes as a safety feature recently, but what makes much more sense is the benefit a smooth exterior has on wind noise. The sport-touring Signet Q is free of the more race-oriented models’ external ventilation, making this the quietest helmet in their range.

Schuberth C3 Pro Schuberth C3 Pro

Schuberth C3 Pro

The quietest helmet available, full stop, transfers just 84 dB to the rider at 65 mph. That’s even better than the S2 full-face because Schuberth is able to equip the C3 Pro with a tighter-sealing neck roll thanks to the flip-front design and its greater ease of ingress and egress. “Tubulators” on the visor further reduce turbulence in what’s otherwise a traditional problem area.



This is the quietest helmet I’ve ridden in, something which surprised me totally as it’s made by a traditionally budget-oriented brand and comes with a price tag of just $420. Again, the flip-front design of the HJC RPHA Max allows a very tight fit under your chin and around your neck and the lack of huge external vents cuts turbulence.

Schuberth S2 Schuberth S2

Schuberth S2

The S2 shares its shape with the C3 Pro, but due to its simpler full-face design requires a slightly looser neck roll, which blocks a little less wind. At 85 dB at 65 mph, it’s still an exceptionally quiet helmet. Something that remains true at extremely high speeds — I wore one up to 202 mph, a speed at which I was still able to hear myself think.

Have you found other helmets to be exceptionally quiet? What noise reduction tricks work best for you?

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