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It’s 9 a.m. on Sunday morning, your alarm went off a half hour ago and you’ve managed to crawl out of bed and onto the couch. You told yourself yesterday that you were going to get an early start and take advantage of the beautiful weather. An early night turned into a late night and now you’re stuck. You know as soon as you hear the purr of your bike’s engine you’ll perk up and be ready for the road, but the trick is getting from the couch to the bike. You need some inspiration beyond caffeine, so here are five videos that are guaranteed to do the trick.

1. Shinya Kimbura- Chabott Engineering
A well-constructed short that explores the creative process behind Shinya Kimbura and his hand-built motorcycles. His perspective is humbling and his bikes are works of art, especially when you watch one speeding down an airplane runway in the middle of the desert.

2. Highest Road In The World
While this is essentially a giant ad for GoPro and Royal Enfield it will still get you going. The video follows a group of guys on their journey to, you guessed it, the highest road in the world. Their ride takes them through the chaotic streets of India, and up into the mountains where they ride inches away from the edge of some pretty serious cliffs.

3. It’s Better In The Wind
It’s Better In The Wind is the brain child of photographer Scott Toepfer. It documents a group of friends as they explore different parts of California. This video always serves as a good reminder that motorcycles are supposed to be fun, especially when buddies are involved.

4. Long Way Down
A ten-part series chronicling Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman riding BMW R1200SG Adventures from John o’ Groats, Scotland all the way to Cape Town, South Africa. I know you probably seen it, but if its been awhile, this one will leave you craving an extended adventure. The entire series as well as their original series “Long Way Round” can be found on Netflix too.

5. The Greatest Show On Earth
Last, but certainly not least, here is one to really get your blood pumping. The Isle of Man TT is by far one of the craziest and most exciting motorcycle races in the world. Just remember, these guys are the best of the best. Please resist the urge to go out and blow through your town at 180 mph.

What motorcycle videos get your blood pumping? Share the link with us in the comments below.

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