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So the Husqvarna Nuda 900R is a new naked sportsbike rival for the KTM SuperDuke from BMW's Italian dirt bike brand. It even apes KTM's angular, folded-paper design language, but instead of a sexy, fun v-twin it uses an upstroked version of the boring BMW 800cc parallel-twin, hopefully adding character and power with the extra capacity. In these new photos, we see possibly two distinct spec levels, one of which includes components ripped straight off the BMW S1000RR.

These studio shots of the red R model show red Brembo lettering on the 4-piston radial calipers, carbon trim on the muffler and an Öhlins shock. Front brake rotors are off-the-shelf BMW items, identical to those found on the S1000RR.

Some observations on that R model:
- Looks to share brakes with S1000RR
- Looks great in the studio with the mirrors and plate bracket removed.
- Radiator is still ugly from any angle
- Front fender appears to be designed to send air to the ugly radiator and keeps rocks away.
- Wheels appear to be carry-over items from BMW.
- Serious dirt bike seat.
- Not clear whether the R variant has fully adjustable forks or if that is an option. It would be incredibly disappointing to see them add an Öhlins shock but leave the crappy non-adjustable forks.

This appears to be a lower spec version with non-monobloc Brembos, nonadjustable forks and some generic shock in place of the fancy Ohlins unit on the R model.

Note the difference in fork height that's clearly visible in shots that show the top triple clamp and bars. This tells us that the bike was likely tossed together for the photo shoot and isn't necessarily representative of the production model.

That gas cap location is preposterous. Putting the gas cap on the left side means filling the tank to the brim will be virtually impossible with the bike on its sidestand.

Husqvarna hasn't released full specs yet, only stating that the bike will develop more than 100bhp, more than 74lb/ft and weight less than 175kg.

Enjoy these new photos and hit our Husqvarna tag page for comprehensive coverage.

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