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One of the most awesomely unique bikes on sale today, the Goldwing is much more than just a luxobarge tourer. A lot of guys buy them not to take on epic cross-country rides, but just to tool around on at the weekends. This new Honda Goldwing F6B re-focusses the bike in that direction, chopping weight and luggage to create something that's more about experience than distance.

To create the F6B, Honda chopped the luggage and windscreen off the Goldwing, swapping in Bagger-style panniers and something called a "Gunfighter" seat, which we're going to assume is compatible with a pair of assless leather chaps. The 1,832cc horizontally-opposed six remains unaltered at 116bhp and 123lb/ft, but ditches the reverse gear. Those changes result in a 62lbs weight saving (now 842, fully-fueled) and more importantly a much cleaner, practically svelte look.

I showed a picture of this bike to Roland Sands last week, to which he remarked, "Damn, I'd almost ride that." We totally would too, this thing has an in-person presence that has to be seen to be believed — think two-wheeled Dodge Challenger — and just feels plain ballsier than any Goldwing-based cruiser has a right to be.

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