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Aprilia already offers a fully-carbon fairing kit for the RSV4, but this bike, built by Australian Aprilia importer John Sample Automotive, adds a whole host of performance upgrades too. Readers in Oz can benefit from $17,000 in upgrades packaged together for just a $10,000 premium over the stock bike, but really, this is just a chance for some good old fashioned sportsbike p0rn.

The full list of upgrades (some being questionable) reads:
- Full Aprilia Racing Carbon fiber fairing
- Aprilia DPM Clutch Brake levers
- Aprilia rear Tail Tidy
- Aprilia Racing fully adjustable billeted aluminum Rear sets
- Aprilia Racing insignia Pick Up Knobs
- Aprilia insignia Handlebar weights
- Lightweight Lithium hi-performance Battery
- Aprilia Racing Tinted race screen
- Aprilia Racing Carbon fiber Engine Case Covers
- Aprilia Carbon fiber exhaust hanger
Aprilia Carbon fiber heel guards

But to us, it’s the twin-tube Ohlins TTX36 shock, full Akrapovic system and accompanying map that are the real highlights. The single-tube Ohlins that comes on the Aprilia as stock is somewhat limited in its damping ability, where the TTX36 feels like it actively seeks out grip. In action, we find that TTX36 to be more of a safety and performance boon than the standard traction control. You can read an explanation of how twin-tube shocks work here.

That exhaust is equally effective, taking the RSV4’s already smooth fueling to a completely other level, seeming to hardwire the rear tire directly to your brain. In our experience, the system is no louder than stock either. We’d spend our money on that shock, exhaust and map way before carbon farkles, even if the high-gloss fairings set off the gold wheels that nicely.

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