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The other day, in comments under the latest EBR video, Jason McCrash said he was curious to find out more about the EBR 1190RS’s wheels. Good thinking Jason, we just had a quick chat with Erik about them, here’s what he has to say.

What’s the deal with these wheels?
"Cast in Ohio, machined in Michigan. Nice light wheels of unique EBR  design. Not sure where there are separate images."

Why the different patterns front and rear?
"Front and rear motorcycle wheels have dramatically different loading conditions, so optimizing for these results in different designs."

What are they made from?
"They are a made from special derivative of the AZ-91 magnesium alloy series."

Why the staggered rear spokes?
"Optimization indicated this was the best design for strength and weight."

Why haven’t we seen wheels like this from other companies or in the aftermarket?
"They have their own reasons, to which we are not privy. It's great that there are different choices."

Do they retain their strength despite the drastic weight reduction (specific weight unstated)?
"Yes, the design is optimized to pass all the street regulations. If we were making race only wheels they would be lighter."

Is this another design you’ve had on the drawing board for decades?
"No. We have always been pursuing lighter wheel weights, but both wheels are new designs. We did not have the capability to do this type of design until now."

"I know, we need a marketing department with all kinds of press and marketing materials, but gotta stick with priorities!"

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