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You probably can’t fit the 40lbs (without battery) Voltitude on your keychain, but something tells me Wes might try anyways. The Swiss inventors behind it want to create a vehicle with the same near-universal utility of their country’s famous knife, providing commuters with a practical moped they can fold and then roll into their apartment or office. You don’t even need to carry it, once folded, the Voltitude can be trundled along at a walking pace under its own power.

The thing that makes the Voltitude absolutely unique in a world full of folding bikes is its ability to fold up in literally one second by pulling a simple mechanical handle on the frame. Unlike most other electric scooters and mopeds, the Swiss are also setting out to make the bike rugged, safe and easy-to-ride; the wide scooter-style wheels will be stable, the sturdy aluminum frame will be strong and the tough folding mechanism will be reliable. The company says it’s currently testing the bike’s “ability to take jumps, cross tramway rails, make sharp turns and all other typical urban situations.”

Skirting EU regulations allows the Voltitude to be operated there or in Switzerland without any sort of license as it’s technically a bicycle. That means a top speed of around 16mph. The tiny .3kWh battery pack is good for a range of only about 12 to 25 miles depending on terrain and how much you pedal.

Unlike most crazy concept bikes, it appears as if the Voltitude will actually be made. They’re already taking pre-orders and deliveries are expected to begin in September.


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