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Located close to the Louvre and Palais Royal, the recently opened #1 Rue Herold is intended to project Ruby’s “retro-futuristic chic” onto a physical home for the brand. The helmets themselves are housed in a machined, riveted aluminum display case that looks like it belongs in the science lab of a rocket ship. Jerome Coste, who also designs the helmets, provides a tangible link to the products being sold in the form of furniture covered in the same quilted cardinal nappa lambskin that lines helmets like the Pavillon.

In addition to the brand’s over-the-top, high-end open-face helmets and silk scarves, the boutique will also be filled with classic motorcycles — currently a 1937 Velocette Mac and a Brough Superior SS 100 — and a curated selection of other item’s that help accentuate the brand’s man-and-machine identity.

A space like this helps give voice to the look Jerome is trying to create with Ruby. A brand that has links to a masculinity, danger and romance, yet is rooted in the typically opposing base of high luxury. We’ve been skeptical of the reality behind Ruby’s vision, yet here it is, a tiny world where real men accessorize.

#1 Rue Herold is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 8pm.


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