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Available with armor for the elbows, shoulders and back and made from a very dense, windproof cotton weave, this Rider’s Trench from Japanese motorcycle clothing label Max Fritz is a perfect example of how functional motorcycle clothing can also be stylish. Details like metal stud vents hidden inside zip pockets, the tall collar and its clasp and the anti-abrasion leather patches on shoulders and elbows are the kind of functional details fashionistas go gaga over and that should make the jacket work on the road. Think of this as the antithesis to a metallic gold Dainese one-piece.

Before the conventional wisdom police show up and are all, “But this isn’t as safe as wearing full leathers !!!!!1!!! ATGATT!!!!!111!!!” Let’s explain why jackets like these appeal to guys like us. You see, back when we were in our early teens, we discovered a type of human being called “the woman” and soon learned that the more attractive of the breed look awfully good with their clothes off. When, a couple years later, we discovered that there was a certain parts compatibility between us and them, a lifelong love affair was born that even rivals the one with have with motorcycles. Ever since that time, we’ve endeavored to exploit said parts compatibility at every possible opportunity. Somewhere along the way we figured out that the opportunities to increase the attractiveness and numbers of the women that let you see them with their clothes off were proportional to how often we showered and how well we dressed. Suddenly, we were willing to sacrifice some safety under certain conditions in order to look good.

You probably don’t want to come off a bike above about 45mph wearing a jacket like this or jeans like our Iron Hearts, but this jacket and those jeans and stuff like it will do a reasonable job of keeping you comfortable and keeping you safe below that speed. As an added bonus, you won’t look like a color blind gimp when you show up at a bar.

The best thing about this Max Fritz jacket? It’s affordable, about $520. Before you ask, of course it isn’t available outside of Japan, but you can head over to Goggle (sort of a Japanese Collette) to ogle even more functional, stylish riding gear.

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