A whole lot of 250cc goodness


Category: Dailies

A shipment of Cleveland CycleWerks first model, the 250cc Heist bobber, awaits shipping to the US. Scott Colosimo tells us these are intended to boost dealer inventories here as model development of new models like the CCW Misfit cafe racer and Hooligun supermoto ramps up.

"We are building up parts and motorcycle inventory in the USA," Scott told us in an email last night. "PIT (CCW's Exclusive Distributor in the USA) ordered a few hundred bikes, they will be warehouses on the west coast and the east coast.  I just got back from almost 3 weeks in China overseeing quality control with my team.  We just hired 1 new quality control specialist who is American and got him setup at the factories."

"Yes, those are all Heist models.  We are building a movement slowly for small displacement bikes.  We have found once people see, and then ride the bike, they really understand the 250's "FUN" potential."

"We now have 10 models in development, (I raised a little more capital for new product development), CCW is going to be a serious player in the motorcycle market in the next few years.  We finalized several of our new scooter models (I am launching a new Scooter brand next year Cultura Scooter Company), and drank plenty of Chinese Wine."


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