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Ukrainian BMW fan Vyacheslav Voronovich assembled this 12:1 K1600GTL scale model out of 391 components he carved from wood himself. The level of detail is amazing, the .5mm-thick windshield is adjustable, for instance, and he made working springs by hot bending tiny wooden parts.

“First I made suspension, and then the frame – all from beech tree,” Vyacheslav told “Then I made the engine from alder. For the external components (the gas tank, front, left and right mudguards, etc.), I used my favorite kind of wood – ash tree. The windshield and the front light are also made from beech. Now that I mention it, the windshield is 0.5 millimeters thick. The dashboard, BMW logos and many other parts are made of 0.6 millimeter-thick mahogany veneer.”

“Interestingly enough, the model has plenty of adjustable parts: the rear footboards can be pushed back, the windshield can be raised just like on a real motorcycle, the wheels can roll, the handlebar can turn, and both the side stands can be removed. I especially pride myself on the completely functional front and rear shock absorbers that were made using the hot wood bending method – the same I used to make the six pieces of the exhaust pipe. The seats and lower parts of the panniers are made from alder, with the panniers made to be completely removable. The wheels, just as with my previous models, were carved from oak. The parts that have different colors in the real K1600 GTL also have different colors in my model, since they are made from different kinds of wood.” “The most difficult thing was making pairs of symmetrical components, like the panniers, rear view mirrors, side panels, silencers, and frame parts. They have to be symmetrically identical and accurate. And placing them on the motorbike symmetrically was even harder. To make matters worse, the fine details break really often when they are almost done, and then you have to start from scratch.”

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