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Beginning next year, The Ace Cafe plans to launch 10 new locations in the USA, adapting its greasy North London cafe racer culture to the land of exploiting fads until you can stick a fork in them. Dipping a toe in cold beer, there’ll initially be a pop-up location at the Dime City Cycles grand opening in Tampa on May 14.

For those unfamiliar with the North Circular’s premier motorcycle destination, it’s a revival of an old timey transport cafe that was an important part of the original cafe scene back in the ‘60s. It’s run by Mark Wilsmore, who was there back then before becoming a motorcycle cop.

According to The Ace, “These new Ace Cafe restaurant and motorsports gathering venues will bring all the heritage, atmosphere and enthusiasm of the original Ace, and feature the signature looks of the original along with great food, live music
and daily events.”

We’re not sure what this means for San Francisco’s current Ace Cafe, which is actually a great dive bar that serves a mean fish and chips, but we’ll reach out now and hopefully update you later today.

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