Adventure touring with Tiffany Coates


Category: Dailies

If, like us, you wile away rainy days reading ride reports on ADVRider, then you’re probably familiar with Tiffany Coates. She’s the world’s most-travelled solo woman rider, having hit, “Asia, Australia, Africa, the Americas and even Timbuctoo.” Her most recent trip aboard her now-famous black-and-yellow R80GS? Labrador! BMW just made this short film about her.

As HFL reader Sasha Pave (who tipped us on this) says, this is a “BMW viral video done right.”

"a) A compelling story.
b) Doesn’t beat you over the head with product.
c) Actually used a tripod and doesn’t transition to new clips every .03 seconds."

The rest of the BMW unscripted videos are equally good, especially the one with the E30 and the meerkats.

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