Aerostich Darien Light Pants Review


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The Good:
Easy to put on and easy to take off, you can wear the Darien Lights over a pair of jeans as easily as you can on their own.

The two front slash pockets and single rear pocket close with Velcro and are very secure, you won’t lose your phone or keys.

An elastic gusset and adjustable snap closures on the waist band give you easy waist adjustment, allowing you to tailor the fit to what you’re wearing underneath.

Aerostich Darien Light
The Aerostich Darien Light Pants are designed to come up to your bellybutton, providing excelling on-bike comfort and weather protection.

Full-length side-zippers are hugely versatile, making the pants exceptionally easy to put on or remove, but also allowing you to easily fit tall boots underneath or adjust the knee armor on the go. Forget something in the pocket of the pants you’re wearing underneath? You wont need to remove the Darien Lights to get to it.

A slight pre-curve in the knee means the Darien Lights work just as well tucked in on a sportbike as they do standing up on a dual-sport.

Adjustable armor position allows you to tailor fit, maximizing comfort and safety.

TF3 armor is both comfortable and reassuring.

The quality, oh the quality. Like all other items made by Aerostich, the Darien Lights are made to last a lifetime. From the taped seams to the beefy zippers to the metal buttons to the real Velcro, this stuff is made to last, something that’s apparent every time you use any of the above.

Aerostich Darien Light
These "long" Aerostich Darien Light Pants nevertheless ride up a little high when sitting on the bike. Custom sizing will prevent that. Ask Aerostich about it when you order.

The Bad:
Even these “long” versions are a little short for my 34-inch inseam, riding up higher than I’d like while on the bike. Aerostich can custom-tailor any of its gear though, including the length on these pants.

The tradeoff for a light, breathable, flexible single-layer fabric construction is that you’ll be out $327 if you crash on the road in these pants.

A diamond-gusset crotch would give the pants more flexibility, as they are, it can be difficult to raise your leg enough to swing it over the tall seat of an ADV bike.

The Verdict:
Aerostich makes an extremely wide range of high quality riding gear, these Darien Lights included. Are these specific pants right for you? Well consider the compromise between that light weight, breathability, flexibility and the ability to stand up to more than a single crash. We think that combination is going to be most applicable to a commuter or dual-sport rider, but the Darien Lights have versatility far exceeding the needs of just those users.

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