Airstream Land Yacht


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Airstream Land Yacht
For 82 years, Airstream has been creating the world's most famous trailers due their iconic looks and savvy design. They are now building a new top-of-the-line trailer called the Land Yacht. It was first introduced as a concept design in November of 2012, the Land Yacht is a joint operation between Airstream, Tecnoform S.p.A and Officinia Italiana Design. It was designed in a partnership with Mauro Micheli — a designer for the Italian super-luxe Riva Yachts — and the interior takes much of its design ideas from yacht-like references from the world's finest luxury watercraft.

The Land Yacht's bedroom.

Some of the new Land Yacht's features include boat-deck flooring, LED panel lighting elements, Corian solid surfaces and Italian fabrics. The 28-foot Land Yacht features sleeping room for up to 5 people, a bedroom in the front, two bathrooms, a kitchen that can be hidden when not in use, bed lifts to reveal extra storage,a patio and an air conditioning system.

Interior shot of the Land Yacht.

For more information: checkout Airstream.

The Galley.

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