Alpinestars Archer GoreTex Xtrafit Glove Review


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Protection, comfort, and weather resistance are all top priority when shopping for touring and everyday commuter gear. By bonding the waterproof membrane to the leather outer, have these gloves hit the sweet spot? Find out in this Alpinestars Archer GoreTex Xtrafit glove review.

Alpinestars Archer GoreTex Xtrafit Gloves
Alpinestars Archer GoreTex Xtrafit Gloves

The Gear:

The Alpinestars Archer glove uses Xtrafit, a Gore-Tex liner bonded to the leather outer. Like other Alpinestars gloves, fit and quality are excellent. What stands out in particular is just how low-profile the Gore-Tex could be when integrated in this way. The tactile difference between regular leather gloves and these is minimal.

Xtrafit technology allows Alpinestars to combine the best features of the Tech Road Gore-Tex (lined) glove and the GP Plus Track/sport glove. It possesses a similarly stout TPU knuckle protection, primary palm slider, and proprietary finger bridge as the GP Plus, but provides the tremendous weatherproofing and all-weather pedigree of the Tech Road, without the bulk of a separate liner and leather outer. Dual Velcro closures on the glove are secure and worked well both inside and outside of my everyday riding jacket, and my Aerostich suit.

Alpinestars Archer GoreTex Xtrafit Glove
Alpinestars Archer GoreTex Xtrafit Glove

Glove reinforcements are made from sturdier cowhide and extend from the heel of the hand around the pinkie finger and proprietary finger bridge, as well as the back of the thumb. The remainder of the palm/fingers is goatskin, with a synthetic suede bolster to increase grip and durability over the glove’s lifespan. Another perk from the touring side of Alpinestars is a visor squeegee on the left thumb. Early mornings in the mountains and river valleys can mean a pesky amount of moisture build-up, and the ability to clear your visor of some rain or grit is handy.

The Good:

Excellent feel, Gore-Tex hardly feels like it’s there.

A waterproof glove with sport glove protection.

Excellent combination of design components creates a top-notch all-round road glove.

Alpinestars Archer GoreTex Xtrafit Glove
Alpinestars Archer GoreTex Xtrafit Glove

The Bad:

The lack of ventilation necessary for waterproofness rules these out as true hot weather gloves while the lack of insulation makes them unsuitable for really cold weather too. Stay away from far extremes on either end of the spectrum with these with these.

Slight water incursion through the palm when soaked.

Massive TPU knuckle protection, but no palm sliders means limited impact protection where it counts.

The Verdict:

For a price of $229.95, this glove could be the one trick pony for riders looking for decent protection combined with top notch, three-season weather resistance. This is about as good as all-rounder gloves come.

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