With this new Alpinestars Bionic Air Back Protector, the company set out to meet the latest CE safety standards while making the protector as light and small as possible. Addressing comfort means more people will wear it more of the time, which, in addition to the increased safety, means fewer back injuries.

As you can see, the protector is made from an outer shell of perforated polypropylene plates that can articulate with your back’s movements. The perforations reveal the honeycomb structure of the outer plates, which adds strength and prevents penetration and spreads impact forces across a wide area. Under that is honeycomb elastomeric foam which absorbs impact energy.

In addition to the standalone protectors which strap-on under a jacket or leathers, there’s also an $70 insert designed to fit the pocket on Alpinestars products.

The $120 Bionic Air is designed to meet the new EN1621‐2:2010 CE Level 1 back protector safety standard and has been designed to focus it’s protection around the spine, which needs it most. concentrating mostly on that area has allowed the company to produce a very light and very slim protector.

Even when Grant and I ride in jeans and leather jackets around town, we always wear a good back protector like these. They’re as essential a piece of riding gear as a helmet, if you don’t want to be paralyzed.


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