Alpinestars Lance 3L Jacket Review


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Alpinestars Lance 3L Jacket
Yes, the Alpinestars Lance 3L Jacket really does work on a bike. Or even an ATV.

The Good
Stylish looks and contemporary, slim fit look great in the outdoors, on the mountain or even on city streets.

Works even better outdoors than it does on the bike; the rotated sleeves and sport-cut facilitate freedom of movement whether you're running after game, firing a rifle or tying your shoes.

While it likely won't stand up to very heavy rain — conditions we haven't tested it in — quite as well as a traditional waterproof motorcycle jacket or suit, the Lance has kept us dry in hour-long rides through light to moderate precipitation.

Relatively quiet to move around in, avoiding that dreaded "swishing" sound you get from cheaper fabrics. Won't scare wildlife.

Breathes exceptionally well, especially with the pit-zips open. You won't overheat or get sweaty while wearing just the shell.

Doesn't "blow up" while riding at higher speeds.

Hood and collar create no flapping or other disturbance, even at high speeds or with the jacket zipped partially open.

Zipped all the way up, the tall collar provides excellent weather protection for your neck and underside of your chin.

The mesh chassis attaches securely to the jacket and holds the armor firmly in place.

While you may not use them, the ability to add both back and even chest protectors can seriously boost the safety level offered by the Lance. It also means that it'd fit just fine over a separate armor rig, should you wish to wear the Lance as a shell while dual-sport riding.

Puffer layer adds exceptional warmth.

Fits true-to-size. Order your regular jacket size and the jacket will look good and fit well, armor or no.

This is one instance where big, flashy logos actually contribute to a piece of clothing's good looks and street appeal.

Alpinestars Lance 3L Jacket
The Alpinestars Lance 3L Jacket is available in blue, red or black.

The Bad
Will sacrifice itself protecting you in a crash.

Breathing so well, the shell doesn't work as well as a dedicated motorcycle touring item for keeping out wind in cold temperatures.

Filling the large front pockets with hats, gloves or whatever makes it look like you've got a beer gut.

Worn separately, the puffer looks inexpensive and lumpy.

The coverage provided by the back protector pocket (and therefore any protector worn in it) is wide, but not long, leaving your lower back exposed.

Alpinestars Lance 3L Jacket
The Alpinestars Lance 3L Jacket fits close to your body, but is flexible and easy to move in.

The Verdict
A uniquely versatile new concept in motorcycle gear that will rival established players in activewear on quality and functionality in the outdoors (as a hardshell alone, it's as nice as any out there), while providing genuine motorcycle safety and practicality in a package that doesn't look like a motorcycle jacket. Working better than you'd expect on bike or off, the Alpinestars Lance 3L will add style while you're riding or safety while you're not; falling down hurts just as bad on a snowboard, bicycle or skateboard as it does on a bike.

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