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Constructed from 1.3mm leather and fitted with CE armor throughout, these new Alpinestars Monza one- and two-piece suits offer safety and quality far above their $900 price tag. We like the conservative styling, minimal (well, for Alpinestars at least) use of logos, and the solid color choices as well as the high spec level. There's even a women's versions that's free of tribal flowers and other condescending crap.

Aside from the lack of seven-foot-wide logos, there's very little to
distinguish the Monza from other Astars suits. There's a little less
venting (made up for by the heavy perforation), the leather's a little
thinner, the styling's more conservative and the cut's a little more
relaxed. You still get aramid stretch panels in the crotch, the back of
the knees and the arm pits, accordion leather in the usual spots and
even neoprene wrist edging and a micro-fleece-lined color. There's no
back protector, not even the usual crappy foam one, but there are
provisions to fit one and there's pockets for chest armor.

All three versions (one-piece, two-piece, women's) are priced the same at $900.


Many Alpinestars suits are available on
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