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We've tried really hard just to ignore AMA Pro Racing, but as the whole series descends into farce, it's hard not to become interested. All season, teams have been butting heads with the series' Technical Director, Al Ludington, and his seemingly arbitrary interpretation of the rulebook. Is your name Mat Mladin? No? Go straight to jail, don't pass go.

The whole thing has now culminated in Al being temporarily suspended after a video of a confrontation with racer Johnny Page aired on YouTube. You'll find it below. In it, Al attacks Johnny for not allowing faster, more popular racers to pass him, despite Page's insistence that his actions were in keeping with the series rules.

It looks like Al's suspension is for show only and that he'll be
allowed to keep his job, continuing his personal vendettas and attacks
on lower level racers for the rest of the season. Meanwhile, the rest
of the world will be watching real racing in the form of SBK and

Head over to RoadracingWorld, which is covering this whole thing much better than we can.

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