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This is the new Triumph Tiger Explorer XC. That’s the big, 1,215cc ADV bike, not the surprisingly capable 800cc version. Where the Triumph Tiger 800 XC gains longer travel, taller, higher-quality suspension, a 21-inch front wheel and other genuine mechanical upgrades, the Tiger Explorer XC just bolts on some farkles in order to look tough.

I’m getting confused by all this Tiger/Explorer/Tiger Explorer business, so let’s just call the larger bike “Hummer H2” from now on.

In XC trim, the Hummer H2 gains spoked wheels, albeit in the same sizes: 19-inch front, 17-inch rear. No tubes on either. There’s also standard handguards, auxiliary running lights, engine bars and a skid plate. All the above, with the exception of the spoked wheels, were already available in Triumph’s options catalog.

Is the XC more able off-road? No. Is there any reason to spend more money on it over the 800 XC? No. Instead, it’s likely a well-priced package of options that brings a discount for buying them all together in one model they can create and ship homogeneously. Hummer H2 XC pricing has not been announced, but the vanilla H2 costs $15,699, which is $3,700 more than the lighter, just as fast, just as comfortable, actually off-road capable Tiger 800 XC.

Hardcore adventure types will be relieved to learn that H2 XC retains the standard model's cruise control, ABS and traction control as well as the prodigious 570lbs weight.

Hey, that khaki green paint looks great though.

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