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This is the new Moto Morini Rebello 1200 Giubileo. Say that while gesticulating wildly and it’ll sound much better. Why should you care? Well, they’re only making 600 of them and it’s essentially the same as all those other Moto Morini models they made a few years ago before going bankrupt, so there’s really no reason to. Oh, except the super neat, electronically adjusting pillion seat cover. When you’re solo, it slides forward for a monoposto configuration. Pick up a girl? Impress her by pushing a button to slide the cover to the rear, forming a handy storage area for her purse. Neato.

Like literally every other Moto Morini in the now not-bankrupt range (Corsaro Veloce, the Granpasso and the Scrambler), the Rebello uses a 1,200cc, liquid-cooled v-twin making 130bhp and weighs 197kg (wet). Yeah, we’d just buy a Speed Triple with a warranty and parts and dealers and American availability too. If you are, for some reason, a rare Italian bike masochist residing in the EU, you can bid on one of the 600 online. Good luck with that.

The point of the electrically sliding pillion seat cover? Well, it’s an electronically sliding pillion seat cover! Yeah.

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