An adventure in confusion


Category: Dailies

Suzuki Europe is teasing a new bike with the tag line, “Are you ready for adventure?” Nothing confusing about that, right? They’re planning to replace the worthy-but-lackluster V-Strom range with a more exciting adventure tourer, right? The only question is: which dead racist will they name it after this time? That’s when you run into problems. The line drawing that follows that text looks distinctly like a sport tourer. Oh, Suzuki.

Some speculation from the European press, who have received this mysterious invitation, suggests that this new bike could be a replacement for the DL650, possibly using the Gladius platform. Not only would that be a tragedy — the DL is a genuinely good motorcycle, if a little boring, where the Gladius is just dreadful — but the bike in this drawing doesn’t appear to adopt traditional adventure proportions.

Check out the space between headlights and front wheel, the apparently all-encompassing fairing, the high rear seat and the low-and-long proportions. Looks like a sport tourer to us. Regardless, we’ll find out on June 11 when the please-baby-jesus-not-a-tall-Gladius is unveiled.


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