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APC announced it will be putting its new airbag helmet system on the market May 13. Utilizing gyrocopes and accelerometers similar to the Dainese project for racers, the airbag is activated via a remote switchboard placed under the seat that interprets changes in movement. The total time between detection and full inflation is slightly less than 1½ seconds.>


Attempting to provide support similar to a neck brace, the cushion wraps around the neck and extends down the back to the seventh vertebra. The unit looks to sell for around €829, which is around the same as a standard helmet and neck brace.

While we're always glad to see companies working on innovative technology to improve safety, we'd like to know more concerning how the design affects rider fatigue because of the rear-biased weight and altered aerodynamics, as well as the structural integrity of the helmet during a collision.

via Moto22

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