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Take a Dorsoduro 1200, add a big, comfy seat, a 6.3 gallon fuel tank, a big ol’ fairing and a metric tonne of electronic rider aids — semi-active suspension, TC, ABS, cruise control — and you have the Aprilia Caponord 1200. That’s a good thing, the Dorso is a blast, but can’t really do distance. The Caponord should be nearly as fun, but all-day comfortable.

The engine’s only been rejigged slightly, nor producing a little less power — 126bhp — and a little more torque — 85lb/ft — delivery is also said to be less abrupt at lower RPMs, fitting for a bike that scales the hooligan back slightly.

Worryingly, there’s no mention of weight. The Dorso already measures in the high 400s when fueled, so with all the touring equipment, the panniers and that bigger fuel tank, the Capo is likely over 500. That’s in-line with other ADV bikes, but still seems high for a performance-oriented bike.

And we do mean performance oriented. Wheels are the same very light cast items off the RSV4 R, a spec even the Tuono V4 doesn’t get in stock form. Brakes are superbike-spec 320mm discs gripped by radial Brembos. Suspension is fully-adjustable all-round.


Touring accouterments then include a 690w alternator, an adjustable screen, stronger subframe (for the luggage), taller gearing, ABS and, for the first time on an Aprilia, semi-active suspension which adjusts damping rates dependent on road surfaces and riding behavior.

All-day comfort, all-day fun.

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