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The most exciting thing about the new Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 isn’t its new 136bhp 1200cc 90° v-twin that we’re sure-as-hell going to see in future Aprilias, but instead the debut of Aprilia Traction Control, that we’re also going to see in new models. Oh yeah, since we exclusively revealed the Dorso 12 back in August, the only new details this official one-image release brings are power and torque figures: 136bhp and 85lb/ft. Remember, Aprilia USA doesn’t plan to import the 1200 into North America.

Here's the Dorsoduro 750/1200 specs comparison that we put together backed when the owner's manual leaked, just use your childlike since of imagination to plug those power and torque figures in there. Max power arrives at 8,700rpm and max torque is at 7,200rpm.

Like its smaller brother, the 1200 uses ride-by-wire throttle with switchable drive modes, is equipped with defeatable ABS and the traction control can also be turned fully off. No details on that traction control system yet, but hopefully its similar to that found on the latest crop of European superbikes like the 2010 MV Agusta F4, which is switchable between levels of sensitivity and not-at-all intrusive. Aside from the power and torque boost, the main difference between the 1200 and 750 is the presence of fully-adjustable suspension.

This new 1200cc engine appears to use four valves per cylinder and is equipped with two spark plugs per cylinder to more completely combust the fuel/air mixture.

While it’s inevitable that we’ll be seeing this engine in more Aprilia models, it’s rumored that we’ll see it there very soon, everyone seems to think in a 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere-rivalling adventure tourer.

We’ve reached out to Aprilia for further details on the Traction Control system, stay tuned.

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