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This sketch is purported to show the road-going version of the upcoming Aprilia RSV4. The race version was officially revealed February 22.

Other publications claim they can see a mysterious headlight in the front fairing and point to the engine covers as evidence that this image shows the road-legal RSV4, but we disagree. For one, it says "RSV4 Race Machine" in the upper left. Additionally, the 8-pot calipers, solid discs, unfeasible tail unit and unresolved mechanical components point to this being an early design sketch for the overall bike, not just the street version. The engine covers, which are unlikely to appear on a production machine in an effort to link it as closely as possible to the racer, merely indicate that this concept drawing was done prior to the drive train being finalized.

We really like the way the Aprilia logo runs from the frame to the fairing and hope to see this in future production models.

We'll keep you updated as further info on Aprilia's 200bhp, 1000cc V4 Superbike emerges.

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