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Aprilia plans to enter six of these RXV Africas into the upcoming Pharaohs Rally. Equipped with a privateer Aprilia RXV Dakar-style fairing and auxillary fuel tanks, we like the way these additions bring a purposefulness to the RXV's fussy lines. We'd love to create a lightweight, speedy adventure tourer out of one of these, just needing a comfier seat and some sort of luggage arrangement (or Long Way Round-style support trucks).


The Pharaohs Rally runs from October 5-11th, starting in Cairo and
running 3,100km across Egypt. It's like a shorter Dakar, but actually
located in Africa. Aprilia will enter two factory riders and equip a
further four privateers with factory bikes. Based on the diamond-shape swingarm, it appears as if these bikes are based on the outgoing RXV, instead of the 2009 Aprilia RXV.


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