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Already dominant in supermoto and enduro racing with the SXV and RXV, Aprilia has heavily modified that platform to compete in motocross. Despite sharing familial looks with those two bikes, the MXV is completely different in just about every way, including the frame, fuel tank, airbox, engine, mapping and exhaust. >


Frame: While it looks similar, the
two-part steel trellis and pressed aluminum side plates frame is more
ridged, lighter and stronger than that of its supermoto and enduro
counterparts. Check out the new open structure around the subframe
mounts for the strongest visual difference.

Fuel tank: Repositioned lower and further back (above the shock mount) for better mass centralization.

Airbox: Moved forward, in front of the fuel tank to accommodate the new
fuel tank and to allow easier access for filter changes. It also houses
the throttle bodies, ECU and all other electrical components.

Engine: Aprilia's now famous 77° v-twin has had its starter motor
replaced with a kickstart. The valves are titanium, the crankcase in
aluminium silicon alloy, and all covers are in magnesium. Despite the
radical weight reduction, the engine serves as a stressed member in the
frame. Clutch and engine oil are kept separate, for extended servicing
intervals and increased engine longevity. Maximum engine speed is

Mapping: The programmable ECU features two engine maps: Full Power and
Soft. Full Power does what it says on the tin, while Soft delivers
smoother power for difficult terrain.

Exhaust: Look at the exhaust canisters, they're tiny. Despite this, the
exhaust complies with 94dB motocross regulations. It's all titanium and
is tuned deliver more torque lower down the rev range when compared to
its larger SXV and RXV brethren.

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