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Arai Japan is adding two Freddie Spencer replicas to its new range-topping helmet. Called the Arai RX-7 RR5 in Japan, Arai RX-7 GP in Europe and confusingly the Arai Corsair V in the US (we think they're just screwing with us), the helmet is an update of the popular RR4 Corsair, adding a wider visor aperture and a natty little adjustable wing. The Spencer rep comes just in time, adding a much-needed touch of class to a range overflowing with tasteless contemporary replicas full of flames and tribal graphics.


There's no word on whether or not it'll come to the US market yet, but
in Japan, where they get all the cool stuff, there'll be two versions
available. This traditional red on top example, or the Rothman's
replica below. We'd wear one.


Arai via MCN

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